Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Manifesting Update - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Manifesting Update!

Ladies......on May 28th I shared some of my process around manifesting, and that my current short term goal was to manifest an extra $3200 ASAP, to cover eyes tests, new glasses and I wanted to buy an air conditioner for a dear ones car.

So.......on June 1st I received an unexpected royalty payment of 43.39, then this past Thursday I found a penny on the ground which always excites me.....Friday I found two pennies on the ground, and knew it was happening, Saturday I sold $3005 in art, and then came home to an unexpected $80.00 check in the mail.......so.........I am just $68.61 away from my current short term goal!

Soooooo fun! The photo below is of my $$ journal. When I am seeking to manifest $$, I do this fun little exercise almost everyday until the goal is reached. I write the amount of $$ desired in every way I can think of. Here I wrote- $3200, THIRTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, thirty two hundred dollars, ThIrTy TwO hUnDrEd DoLlArS, Three Thousand Two Hundred Dollars, three thousand two hundred dollars, THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, 3 thousand 2 hundred dollars, three thousand TWO hundred $.......etc.

You get my drift, it's just a fun little game that focuses my mind on the objective, but there is no anxiety around it. I'm not writing "I need $3200" which creates angst, I just make it a creative little game. The focus is on how many ways I can write it, and creating patterns. Sometimes I switch pen colors, but usually I just use green. Anyhow, it may seem nuts to some, but this is just one of my many exercises around manifesting $.

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