Thursday, May 14, 2020

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It's Okay to just "BE", Life Coach Kimberly Conrad with She Splendid

Hello Lovely Ladies

I know most of us are stuck at home right now, but that's just geography. Most of the women I know are working harder than ever. It's exhausting, right? And then because we are woking from home, there are expectations of us by others, that aren't usually there, because WE aren't usually there.

Yesterday morning there was a big, very busy wasp flying around the breakfast nook. He was dive bombing us and the dogs. I cannot stand to kill even breaks my heart to kill a spider now, so Mom killed him in the windowsill of the kitchen, but left him there for the time being. 

I came back to the kitchen like an hour later and I saw his broken little body, and I just broke down crying, I mean wailing out loud, the ugly cry, not a soft slow tear slipping down the cheek. You would have thought it was a human, or a doggy, not an insect. 

Often when there are very emotional things happening around us (and in the world) we push our emotions down. We hold back the tears, and just keep going, because everyday life and work is still happening, and often at those times, requiring more of us on many levels.

I guess what I want to say is, it's okay to feel your emotions, and its okay to cry. It's even healthy to cry. I read that our tears contain cortisol, the stress hormone. So, there is a scientific reason for why we feel better after a cry. You don't have to be superwoman every single day. It's OKAY to allow yourself to just "BE".

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Never Lose Your Childlike Wonder, She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Hi Ladies:) Tuesdays are "baby day" for this Grammy, and the day I allow my inner child flag to fly high with Ziggy and Ollie. (two precious little cousins, just 9 months apart)

We read and play games and chase each other around the house; we laugh and eat treats and watch just a little bit of Happy T.V.

Tuesdays are so very good for me, because my personality in general is more serious.
 I am working on that this year, scheduling in more time for fun, and lightening up a bit. Tuesdays are so life-giving to me, and yet.....EXHAUSTING ( in a good way).

Ladies, this Grammy was wiped out last night! You could have scraped me off the floor with a spatula! Usually I work when they leave at 6:00, but I was in bed by 8:30 and didn't get up until 9:00 a.m. this morning! But I woke up sooooo happy, and committed to taking just a bit of time out of my work day today to do something lighthearted that brings laughter.

 I'll let you know if I follow through, and what I did!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Step Out In Faith! She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad


You ladies know I love my Mondays and this one is especially INSPIRATIONAL, as it is the first Monday of a brand new year! I have multiple new ventures I am stepping into this year both professionally and personally and I am terrified yet so very excited!!

There is nothing better for the soul than a new beginning!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Feeling Good is the key to EVERYTHING you desire! She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Feeling Good is the key to EVERYTHING you desire! (yes, repeat!) It is the key to growing and expanding, to achieving your dreams, and sustaining healthy relationships. If Feeling Good does not come naturally to you ( because you are in a practiced state of feeling crappy or because maybe you’ve never known anything else, and can’t remember ever feeling good) please believe that you can learn and implement practices and disciplines that help you to feel better. Better is a great first step. Then comes better than better, then good, then better than good, then great, then better than great, then FABULOUS!

It’s a process; working yourself up an emotional ladder of sorts. Sometimes you have to get off of the subject at hand and onto a subject that truly feels good. Today I brought Mr. Baxter to the gallery with me. He is my canine soulmate. Being with him ALWAYS feels GOOD. 

What are you doing today that feels GOOD?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Celebrate You, She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Celebrate The Woman You are Today, She Splendid with Kimberly Conrad

I am not one to dwell on the past or bring up old hurts. That being said, some of you have shared with me, difficult times, trauma, and painful things they have endured, that bring them shame and are keeping them from true self-love. 

I am not here to negate pain or trauma anyone has experienced. What I do believe is that we can harness the energy it took to overcome those things and use it for good. I believe that as we heal from these experiences, we become stronger, kinder, wiser, more merciful, more empathetic, and those qualities enrich our lives and the lives of everyone we come into contact with. Our experiences, whether good or bad, all contributed to the women we are today.

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to acknowledge where you have been to really give credit to where you are now. JUST DON'T DWELL THERE. Once in awhile some of those experiences come up for me when I look in the mirror, but now when they do, my immediate response is "WOW! You are one beautiful badass of a woman!" And I mean it!!! 

Celebrate the woman you are TODAY!!!!!!

Free Gift, "Shameless Love - The Miracle of the Mirror” Online Self - Study Course, She Splendid with Kimberly Conrad

 Hello Lovely Lady,

 I gave as a free gift through December 25th my course Shameless Love - The Miracle of the Mirror”
 I realized only today, that I posted it everywhere but here.

So I am posting it now and you can access it for free through January 5th at

This course is a self-study course so you can work at your own pace, and we have a private facebook group just for course members if you'd like to take part at

This mini course is a condensed version of “Shameless Love”, the first chapter in every course I currently teach in my private coaching practice. Our love of self, or lack thereof, dictates how we walk through every area of our lives. Self-Love is the foundation of achieving and sustaining all that we truly desire. The realization of every dream we have, from fulfilling relationships to career and all of the gifts in between, are dependent on our ability to truly love ourselves. That is why I chose this course to be the very first I present online, and why I chose to wrap it all up in holiday colors and make it a free GIFT for a limited time. My greatest desire is to help women to heal themselves, and to empower them to live Extraordinary Lives. 

All My Love, Kimberly

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Only Person that Needs to Believe in Your Dreams is YOU!!!!

I have been running like a mad woman the past couple of weeks finishing up the new space and getting ready for my Grand Opening-Six Year Anniversary Celebration at my art gallery in Denver, which is happening this weekend. I shared with you recently that I doubled my gallery space, which was a wonderful thing for my coaching practice as well, because now I have the space for larger group sessions.

Last week I promised photos soon, but then spent the week rearranging the space a dozen times!! So photos will still come. Once I get through this weekend, my attention will be back to finishing up the first She Splendid online course. As I am preparing for this very special weekend, and reflecting on my journey to this place, I wanted to share a blog post I wrote a few years ago, in hopes that it might encourage you on, and spur you on in pursuing your own dreams:)

Here is the previous post:

I once came across a TIP given by an artist in a magazine that I thought was very powerful - I have said this very thing to myself and my clients in a variety of ways- but here is hers...

 "There will be no shortage of SHOULD-ERS in your life, saying you should do this, you should do that. Rise to the challenge of listening to your own voice, and to that one be true."

This resonates with me, and I am sure with most of you as well. The truth is that if I had listened to some of the well-meaning folk in my own life, I would not be doing most of what I am doing today, or many of the things that were stepping stones that led me to where I am today.

It's not that "THEY" don't love you, or that they don't want you to be happy, it's just that your VISION is your own. It was breathed into you, usually in such a profound, divine way, that you KNOW it is your path. It was NOT breathed into them.....they cannot see what you see.

Many SHOULD-ERS cannot have the faith in you that you have in yourself until there is tangible evidence of success. This, I know first hand can make for a scary, lonely journey - especially in the early stages of growing a business, or pursuing a dream. I believe it is incredibly important to surround yourself with like-minded women. They don't have to be pursuing the same dream you are, but women who are not only dreaming, but passionately pursuing those dreams. Women that feed your spirit and energize you, women with whom there can be an exchange, of ideas, support and encouragement.

I am very fortunate to have a FABULOUS network of women in my life, both professionally and personally. We are all very busy- so our time together is often tough to schedule- yet once we commit- we always leave each other's company energized, inspired and ready to go to the next level in some area of our lives. If you do not have such a network, I would encourage, even CHALLENGE you to get to work on that immediately!!:)

AND....once you have created these relationships, keep your meetings near the top of your priority list.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

You Can Do It- She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Sometimes it takes a little longer to reach a goal than we originally planned.
Sometimes we take three steps forward and two steps back. This can be discouraging.

Sometimes we take two steps forward and THREE steps back. This can be REALLY discouraging. The only thing that matters is that we continue to step out. Whatever it is that you are currently working towards; whatever goal you are beating yourself up over for not having reached yet....STOP NOW.

Berating ourselves NEVER moves us forward, at least not permanently. It may for a short period of time, but it always backfires, and sets us back even farther.

When your baby was learning to walk, did you berate her when she fell down? Of course not! She was learning, and with every step she became stronger and more steady.
When she first began to fall, their were pails of tears and a great amount of drama, but soon she realized she could just get back up, and the next time she fell, there were less tears and less drama, until eventually, she got back up as quickly as she fell without missing a beat.

Give yourself the love and grace you gave to her. We are always going to have setbacks, but we don't have to live in the drama of them, and the less we do, the quicker we are back up and running.

You've got this, you beautiful soul, stay with it.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tenacity-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Hi Ladies! We have been hard at work on the new website. I'm not sure if you noticed our new facebook banner, but we have tweaked our pink to more of a dusty rose. I felt like we needed a more grown up pink, and also, I happen to wear this color all of the time!!:):):)
How do you like it?

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fears Become Limits-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

When a woman is truly ready to step into her power, she will kick fear to the curb. 
He will certainly make his way back from time to time, but she will quickly kick him right back again!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Decision to Act-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

This is so true.
Oh my goodness, the angst and the drama I have gone into at times trying to make a decision, can anyone relate?
Indecision has to be one of the most torturous states to be in. Fortunately my self - talk eventually moves to something like "for crying out loud, put yourself out of your misery and just make a decision. If it turns out to be wrong...the wonderful thing is you can just make a new decision!"

Sometimes we scare ourselves silly with all of the what ifs, but as soon as we make the decision, the next stepping stone seems to magically appear, and we are soon skipping down the path thinking "What the heck was I so afraid of?"

And then.....of course, other times we make the decision, and are still scared, but not quite as scared as we were!!:)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Messages of Love- Signs from the Divine-She Splendid with Kimberly Conrad

Signs from the Divine......

Do you ever ask for signs? Signs that you're on the right track.....signs that you’re making the right decision.... moving in the right direction..... I do.... all of the time. And I call the answers Kisses from God. Sometimes they come without my asking.

I very recently set a goal to manifest a particular thing by a particular date. When the date rolled around, I was short of the goal. I am typically a very powerful manifestor, but there are a lot of theories out there regarding manifesting. Some gurus say the goal must have a difinitive purpose and an exact date, others say don’t be too attached to the how or the when, just put it out there. I find that when I set a definite date, my manifestation, though it always comes through.... usually comes a few days to a week AFTER the date I set. This tells me that for me personally, I should not be completely married to a particular date.

Anyhow, I had set a date of July 30th for this particular thing, and did not realize the complete goal by then. So I was out walking, and having this conversation with God and myself about it. I was saying “it’s okay that it didn’t come by this date..... I totally believe it is coming”. The I said “ but could you just give me a sign..... a sign that is is still coming.... that it is on it’s way? A penny, a little heart shaped rock.... something?” I continued along my walk and nothing showed up. I was almost home when the wind kicked up and it began to sprinkle.... and as I turned the last corner to my house... on the sidewalk, there was this beautiful leaf with the edges curled up to make a lovely little heart. The TELLING thing is.....the wind was blowing.....and debris was blowing all AROUND this little leaf, but it was just sitting there, perfectly still, unaffected by the wind!!! It was just sitting there, waiting to give me a loving message and a sweet little kiss!

PURE JOY ladies! Not even so much that I know what I asked for is coming, but that I am loved so much to be answered, and in such a beautiful, unique way!! These things happen to me all the time. Sometimes I ask for signs or direction in my prayer time, sometimes I ask after meditation, sometimes I ask right before I go to sleep and the answers show up in my dreams. Sometimes I struggle along without asking..... but when I ask, I am always answered but I must have my eyes and my heart and my mind wide open to receiving the answers.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mr Baxter- She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Mr Baxter and I spent yesterday morning at the gallery, but the weather turned stormy, so now we're back in the home studio getting ready to paint our rocks for the 30 day rock challenge that starts Monday!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Manifesting Update #2 - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Manifesting Update #2

 This is an update to my post on June 11th.

I had just $68.61 left of the extra $3200 ( above and beyond my normal income) I was wanting to manifest asap (purpose and details below), and I'm HAPPY to report - that goal has now been met! I received a $79.00 refund yesterday from FEDEX!

It was really fun to watch it come together in just 24 days, though I really thought it would come together a bit faster; it usually does.
But - I am so thankful, and the AC has already been installed into my loved ones car.

 Manifesting Update #1 Ladies......

On May 28th I shared some of my process around manifesting, and that my current short term goal was to manifest an extra $3200 ASAP, to cover eyes tests, new glasses and I wanted to buy an air conditioner for a dear ones car. So.......on June 1st I received an unexpected royalty payment of 43.39, then this past Thursday I found a penny on the ground which always excites me.....Friday I found two pennies on the ground, and knew it was happening, Saturday I sold $3005 in art, and then came home to an unexpected $80.00 check in the am just $68.61 away from my current short term goal! Soooooo fun! The second photo is of my $$ journal. When I am seeking to manifest $$, I do this fun little exercise almost everyday until the goal is reached. I write the amount of $$ desired in every way I can think of. Here I wrote- $3200, THIRTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, thirty two hundred dollars, ThIrTy TwO hUnDrEd DoLlArS, Three Thousand Two Hundred Dollars, three thousand two hundred dollars, THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, 3 thousand 2 hundred dollars, three thousand TWO hundred $.......etc. You get my drift, it's just a fun little game that focuses my mind on the objective, but there is no anxiety around it. I'm not writing "I need $3200" which creates angst, I just make it a creative little game. The focus is on how many ways I can write it, and creating patterns. Sometimes I switch pen colors, but usually I just use green. Anyhow, it may seem nuts to some, but this is just one of my many exercises around manifesting $

Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Little Roses-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad


I clipped these lovely little roses from my one rose bush.
( I have a brown thumb, so am thrilled to have even a little something thrive!)

I hope you are doing something FABULOUS today! We are supposed to have bad weather, so instead of driving into the city to open the gallery, I am painting in my home studio today (which I love), and doing some writing.

 I am also planning to declutter ONE thing today!
 I am on a decluttering mission right now.
 One thing a day MUST be decluttered. Today it might be my desk, or a kitchen drawer!:

Friday, June 21, 2019

Love Rocks-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Hi Ladies! Happy Friday!

Well.....apparently the "rock thing" has been a thing for awhile now, unbeknownst to me, which is kind of shocking, because I am usually so "in the know" about such thingsšŸ¤£

But - I am going to move forward with my 30 Day challenge anyway.
There can NEVER be too much love or encouragement spread around.
I have put the first coat of paint on my first 6 rocks. Planning to start the challenge on Monday!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Delightful Surprise-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Look what little treasure I stumbled upon on my evening walk A couple of nights ago! This lovely little hand painted heart shaped rock was perched upon a big boulder in a community flower bed next to the sidewalk.

It was such an unexpected little gift, and felt as if it had been placed there just to delight me. I know of course that it was not. But I got to thinking..... did some beautiful person put it there just to bring joy to passersby? Was it a test to see if the viewers would leave it there or if someone would take it home with them? Or maybe it was a message passing between forbidden lovers? I experienced forbidden love as a teenager and know first hand, how creative we can be in our methods of communication!

I left it there hoping the other walkers would notice it and be just as delighted, and I of course didn’t want to interfere with any special message being passed between Starcrossed lovers!

It gave me a fabulous idea! If you followed me for a very long you know that I love 30 day challenges. I think they are fun, but also for me it’s a  creative way to practice commitment and self-discipline. Every time I complete even the most trivial of 30 day challenges, I feel more empowered and more capable of accomplishing whatever I set my mind to.

In the past year I’ve shared 30 tea cups in 30 days, 30 books in 30 days, 30 flowers in 30 days, 30 days of self-care (not my greatest success) and most recently a 30 day step challenge.
So I thought what if I painted 30 rocks and wrote messages of love and hope , and placed one in a different place along on my walk each day, and trust it would be found by the exact person who needed that exact message?

I decided do it! That’s going to be my next 30 day challenge. I’m not going to start it until next week because this week is super busy and I need a few days to get some rocks painted.

Would anyone like to join me in this challenge? It dooesn’t have to be a painted rock it could be a word on a post it note, or whatever creative way you have I have passing a message to a stranger for the next 30 days!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Childlike Wonder-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Today was my day with Ziggy and Ollie, and I am whooped, but in a good way.

We ate grilled cheese sandwiches and sang songs and played cars and spelled things and chased the dogs, and picked little wild flowers, and blew the tops off of dandelions, and walked in the rain (a sprinkle really).

Everyone should play like a child, and sometimes the only way to play like a child is to play with a child. Borrow one if you have to!:):)