Thursday, December 10, 2020

Today I Choose Joy, She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad 12/10/20

Today I choose Joy! Yes there is some painful, heavy stuff going on in the world. Yes, I too miss my “real” life; dinners at lovely restaurants with friends and my children and those bright eyed grandchildren of mine, that pre-Covid I saw at least once a week.
While I am so thankful for FaceTime and Zoom, it cannot replace the feel of their soft little hands or the smell of their hair. And... I am struggling with pain management.

But......JOY my beautiful friends as you know is an emotion, and our emotions are caused by our thoughts...... And the lovely thing about that is that we choose what we think about, so as we choose Joyful Thoughts, we create joyful emotions within ourselves, and JOY is contagious!

 I have so much to be thankful for, and though I faithfully practice the discipline of gratitude every single day, some days it takes more “discipline” than others, but it is so worth the investment. There is always..... purposely think on, that will create the emotion of joy. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to walk in Joy regardless of circumstance.

 I’m sending love and light and JOY to all of you today!

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