Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Messages of Love- Signs from the Divine-She Splendid with Kimberly Conrad

Signs from the Divine......

Do you ever ask for signs? Signs that you're on the right track.....signs that you’re making the right decision.... moving in the right direction..... I do.... all of the time. And I call the answers Kisses from God. Sometimes they come without my asking.

I very recently set a goal to manifest a particular thing by a particular date. When the date rolled around, I was short of the goal. I am typically a very powerful manifestor, but there are a lot of theories out there regarding manifesting. Some gurus say the goal must have a difinitive purpose and an exact date, others say don’t be too attached to the how or the when, just put it out there. I find that when I set a definite date, my manifestation, though it always comes through.... usually comes a few days to a week AFTER the date I set. This tells me that for me personally, I should not be completely married to a particular date.

Anyhow, I had set a date of July 30th for this particular thing, and did not realize the complete goal by then. So I was out walking, and having this conversation with God and myself about it. I was saying “it’s okay that it didn’t come by this date..... I totally believe it is coming”. The I said “ but could you just give me a sign..... a sign that is is still coming.... that it is on it’s way? A penny, a little heart shaped rock.... something?” I continued along my walk and nothing showed up. I was almost home when the wind kicked up and it began to sprinkle.... and as I turned the last corner to my house... on the sidewalk, there was this beautiful leaf with the edges curled up to make a lovely little heart. The TELLING thing is.....the wind was blowing.....and debris was blowing all AROUND this little leaf, but it was just sitting there, perfectly still, unaffected by the wind!!! It was just sitting there, waiting to give me a loving message and a sweet little kiss!

PURE JOY ladies! Not even so much that I know what I asked for is coming, but that I am loved so much to be answered, and in such a beautiful, unique way!! These things happen to me all the time. Sometimes I ask for signs or direction in my prayer time, sometimes I ask after meditation, sometimes I ask right before I go to sleep and the answers show up in my dreams. Sometimes I struggle along without asking..... but when I ask, I am always answered but I must have my eyes and my heart and my mind wide open to receiving the answers.

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