Sunday, January 5, 2020

Feeling Good is the key to EVERYTHING you desire! She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Feeling Good is the key to EVERYTHING you desire! (yes, repeat!) It is the key to growing and expanding, to achieving your dreams, and sustaining healthy relationships. If Feeling Good does not come naturally to you ( because you are in a practiced state of feeling crappy or because maybe you’ve never known anything else, and can’t remember ever feeling good) please believe that you can learn and implement practices and disciplines that help you to feel better. Better is a great first step. Then comes better than better, then good, then better than good, then great, then better than great, then FABULOUS!

It’s a process; working yourself up an emotional ladder of sorts. Sometimes you have to get off of the subject at hand and onto a subject that truly feels good. Today I brought Mr. Baxter to the gallery with me. He is my canine soulmate. Being with him ALWAYS feels GOOD. 

What are you doing today that feels GOOD?

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