Thursday, January 2, 2020

Celebrate The Woman You are Today, She Splendid with Kimberly Conrad

I am not one to dwell on the past or bring up old hurts. That being said, some of you have shared with me, difficult times, trauma, and painful things they have endured, that bring them shame and are keeping them from true self-love. 

I am not here to negate pain or trauma anyone has experienced. What I do believe is that we can harness the energy it took to overcome those things and use it for good. I believe that as we heal from these experiences, we become stronger, kinder, wiser, more merciful, more empathetic, and those qualities enrich our lives and the lives of everyone we come into contact with. Our experiences, whether good or bad, all contributed to the women we are today.

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to acknowledge where you have been to really give credit to where you are now. JUST DON'T DWELL THERE. Once in awhile some of those experiences come up for me when I look in the mirror, but now when they do, my immediate response is "WOW! You are one beautiful badass of a woman!" And I mean it!!! 

Celebrate the woman you are TODAY!!!!!!

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