Hello Lovely Lady!

I am so happy that you found She Splendid! I promise you, it is not by accident that you are here. 

My name is Kimberly Conrad, and like you, I am many women. I am a wife of 33 years, mother to four grown sons, grammy to Ziggy and Ollie, and Rylan, an artist, art business coach, writer, musician, and life coach. 

What is She Splendid you ask? How did it come to be? 

After many years of leading women in small group settings, and one on one coaching, I began coaching artists in the business of art marketing about fourteen years ago under the name Life-Art-Business. 

I found myself by default, doing more life-coaching than business coaching initially, as these talented and incredibly smart people, needed support in a myriad of areas.

The most common included silencing the inner critic, releasing negative thoughts, and overcoming false beliefs that resulted in fear. 

Even more importantly, the women, especially seemed to need permission to value themselves enough to acknowledge their dreams, and show up for themselves in a way to facilitate those dreams.

In addition, they needed support in navigating everything from their family's response to their time spent away from the home, to their spouses response to their success, or seemingly lack thereof.

I have struggled with all of these things myself, and too many more to even list.

I decided that I wanted to separate my Art/Business coaching practice from my 
Life/Empowerment coaching, and give my work with women it's own very special place.

After 20 years of studying and working with the teachings of Louise Hay, I completed formal training and became a licensed Heal Your Life teacher and facilitator.

She Splendid was created with you in mind, out of my love for the Feminine, and my joy in nurturing, empowering and mentoring women; integrating the feminine principal during this profound time of change and transformation.

I currently work with women from around the globe by phone and Skype, and conduct private and group sessions at my beautiful art gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about working with me at www.shesplendid.com

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